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YKT Taking The Responsibility To Flourish The Surgical World Through Quality.

Leadership Inculcates Confidence To Stand Alone, It Is Lifting A Person's Vision Beyond Horizons,
The Raising Of Performance To Excellence.


  • In early 1940’s Nawab Khan started working in a Stainless Steel Mill, in the famous city of Lahore as an apprentice machinist. Nawab had a passion to grow and create, Soon his elder son grew to the age to help him in making his earnings. Nawab’s son used to work with him in the day times and used to study in the evening as he had an urge to know the things that he knew not.

    The dial of time did not stop and Nawab Khan with his family, shifted to the city of Iqbal in year 1956 with a hope of better earnings.

    Here his son, Yaqub, grew enough to take the responsibility of running the family almost single handedly. Yaqub started working in the local surgical industry and with the passing time, the experience, and the challenges; the nature crafted him to a master of his field and he became famous in very early age as a perfect machinist and technician. Here in 1971, his elder son joined his hands to add to his energies. The increased demand of his skill in the local industry gave him the courage and confidence that he decided to set up his own business. As the luck favors the braves, the same thing happened and a small business established at a small building at Habib Pura proved to be a great success. At this stage in 1980, Tariq, the younger brother of Khalid, entered the business to strengthen Yaqub’s muscles, in the accomplishment of his mission as sole producer of the surgical instruments.

    In 1980, YKT was formally founded and started it’s an ever living journey of achievements. Later Khalid contributed to add to the competencies of his elders. He served the business as he was equipped with education that proved to be a joint leap for YKT as Khalid made the first ever international trip for YKT. On his journey he was successful in winning a number of customers and brands. During the period Tariq shadowed Yaqub and acquired the necessary talent and skills of the field. This happened to be a prelude to an everlasting success for YKT. Later Khalid moved to US and is holding the various business related matter from there.

    Tariq being passionate and obsessed with the business kept adding newer ideas, skills and energy. With all this YKT made possible mounting more heights, more milestones. As YKT stepped into a modern era of technology in 1995 offering a reliable platform for the upcoming generation.

    In 2005, to meet the pace of the market dynamism, Hammad Afzal joined the business as the technical brain of YKT. Hammad; a combination of technology, accounting and marketing became the idea man of YKT. He gave birth to in-house R & D that proved to be a lantern to light-up the dark areas of the market which never were explored by then. Hammad helped Tariq to accelerate the growth of YKT by multiple times by widening the product and business portfolio.

    The modern generation is entering the business, with all the expectations of magnanimous success, expansion, development and growth of YKT, since Arslan, son of Tariq, is loaded with all the necessary skills and preliminary knowledge to compete the challenges of the new world. Arslan is being trained in the business environment as the silent soldier. He is living and learning the business environment since 2008.

    Since, YKT Traders has been serving the surgical industry round the globe for more than the last four and half decades with the HIGH QUALITY INSTRUMENTS yet at the most competitive prices.

    Now it’s the responsibility of this generation to hold our continuing prime commitment as to produce quality according to the customer's satisfaction since the price is always rated secondary as YKT never believes in compromising the Customers' Expectations even at the lowest margin of profit.

  • The Think Tanks At YKT Message From The CEO (Mr. Tariq Khan)
    ”Our mission is to provide the HIGHEST QUALITY instruments with the ultimate customers’ satisfaction. Also we believe in continuous improvement both in quality as well as in workmanship, hence-fore every single is continuously trained to strive for EXCELLENCE in QUALITY at YKT Surgical”

    YKT has strength of more than 250 skilled workers, engineers, technicians and co-workers and all of the strength is always striving for the improvement in quality to approach excellence yet at the most economical and affordable prices. At YKT every individual is really devoted and dedicated to perform at the highest level of efficiency.

    “At YKT we are using the highly automated machinery to approach the maximum level of uniformity in our production lots, yet we never forget the famous saying ’ITS NOT THE MACHINE IT’S THE MAN BEHIND THE MACHINE WHO OPERATES THE MACHINE’ we are always treasuring the experience of our skilled workers as the PRECIOUS most asset of YKT since it's our collective urge which is leading us to the ways of SUCCESS”

    At YKT most sophisticated and highly automated machinery has been used by the most competent persons to get the highest level of uniformity and conformity.

    YKT has a unique and tremendous area of about 90000 sq.ft. in the most commercial and industrialized area of the town.

    At YKT we are working under the most conducive atmosphere meeting all the requirements of ISO13485, ISO9000, EN46000, FDA GMP and CE Marking to provide the maximum ease in production and highest level of traceability for each and every single instrument manufactured.

    We want to publish our vision to our customers round the globe and that is to manufacture and provide quality instruments for your life, yet at the most competitive rates with the optimum level of satisfaction.

    I believe that growth has no end, and to materialize my dreams of becoming the " Celebrity Icon" of the Surgical World I have plans to establish my business setups in Europe, Australia, Canada, Middle-East, Africa and Ameriica.

  • Quality Assurance (QA); the maintenance of a desired level of quality in a service or product, especially by means of attention to every stage of the process of delivery or production.
    It's a long term phenomenon and is believed to be ongoing.
    At YKT QA is assumed as the RELIGIOUS NORM... and is followed as an obligation. YKT has merged the guidelines of TQM with ISO and have been executing the principles of Internal Customer Chain to create a flawless work-centered atmosphere.
    The QA team is on its toes round the business hours and believes in embracing the true spirit of Quality Assurance at YKT.
    People have a very frequent misconception regarding the word 'design', majority of people believe design conspires to how a product looks. Which is necessarily not true! Design according to YKT's belief isn't all about the looks, it's about how would it work! As the ignition switch in a car helps to start the engine, similarly each and every component of an instrument is there for a reason either to add to the ease to use, protection or even enhancing performance. Our QA department works with this belief and has developed its attitude over the same.

    Quality Control(QC); a system of maintaining standards in manufactured products by testing a sample of the output against the specification might be a customer provided sample or drawing or any particular feature etc to be incorporated in the output.

    At YKT QC is opted as the set of procedures intended to ensure that a manufactured product adheres to a defined set of quality criteria or meets the requirements of valued customer. Quality control helps YKT to ensure that product quality is maintained or improved and manufacturing errors are reduced or eliminated.

    QC, emphasizes to review the quality of all factors involved in production. ISO 9000 defines quality control as "A part of quality management focused on fulfilling quality requirements"

    This approach places a pinned focus on the below given aspects:
    1. Elements such as controls, job management, defined and well managed processes, performance and integrity criteria, and identification of records
    2. Competence, such as knowledge, skills, experience, and qualifications.
    3. Soft elements, such as personnel, integrity, confidence, organizational culture, motivation, team spirit, and quality relationships.
    At YKT, Quality Circle works to accomplish all the aforementioned criterion to materialize the customer satisfaction to excellence.

  • •Single Use:
    The disposable instruments are also manufactured and assessed at YKT with the same level of commitment, skillfulness and technology.

    The disposable i.e. the single use instruments are produced in the same fashion the way the frequent use instruments are done. The only identifiable difference would be that of the material to be used in production of the instruments. The material always is as per the customers’ specification.

    The inspection and test criterion is of the higher level of sophistication and control.

    The production equipment, the technicians and the production stages are as good as for the frequent use quality instruments.

    The disposable instruments are tested for the intended purpose and function comprehensively. The boil test is usually conducted to assess the optimum level of corrosion resistance. The final inspection, hardness testing and packaging are also done under controlled conditions.

    The shearing ability of the blades for the cutting instruments, the optimum level of alignment of non-cutting instruments and all necessary parameters are examined under strict compliance with prescribed standards, which can be a customer supplied sample, technical drawings, and/or any universally accepted standard.

    The dimensional accuracy is also given supreme importance for the disposable instruments manufactured at YKT.

    •Surgi-Black is one of the numerous competencies of YKT. The philosophy of Surgi-Black instruments is primarily based upon LASER SURGERY.

    The instruments in the recent times, those have been used; for this purpose are found not completely fit for the intended task. The soul idea behind this miss-fitness is the surface of the more frequently available instruments in the market is not a BLACK BODY.

    A black body is merely not a body, but a scientific phenomenon that describes of, anything that absorbs all the light that falls on it. The usual practice being followed would involve using paraffin on the instruments' surface to reduce its illuminating characteristic, which no doubt makes the appearance as MATTE but does not stop the reflection of light from the surface.

    And this is the market gap where YKT has established an innovation by giving SURGI-BLACK. Surgi-Black would ensure the provision of a complete black body in the medical instruments which would not allow the light to reflect and no doubt would support the smooth execution of LASER SURGERY operations.

    •Thermal Coating; involves inducing desirable layer on the provided specimen using thermal (heat) energy. YKT has a unique characteristic to execute the phenomenon as per the buyer demand.
    Thermal Coating is economical, environment friendly and long lasting. It could be the future of the coated instruments and YKT is confidently at home in thermal coating.

    •Electro-less Plating; a technique of plating metal by chemical rather than electrical means, in which the specimen to be plated is immersed in a reducing agent that, when catalyzed by certain materials, changes metal ions to metal that forms a deposit on the piece. It involves chemical or auto-catalytic plating, and is a non-galvanic plating method that involves several simultaneous reactions in an aqueous solution, which occur without the use of external electrical power. YKT provides this unique service as per the specification of buyers. Electro-Less plating has lesser effects on the specimen to be plated as electrical supplies may create internal damages to the processed job. YKT holds the pioneer place in this field of technology.

  • Aims to establish a significant and differentiated presence in the market that attracts and retains loyal customers. YKT holds a matchless passion to lead the market where the buyers would feel pride being associated with YKT MAKE products.

    To have this dream fulfilled YKT is spreading its network globally in different countries to have a closer contact with the end user of the product to have direct feedback over its quality from the user itself.

    YKT has a devoted team of professionals consistently working 24/7; to establish in-house capabilities to manufacture a PRODUCT that would be unique in its quality, service, durability and money value. YKT targets to produce goods with an expected guarantee period of 999 years to earn the complete faith of the buyers in the name "YKT".

  • •Professional Growth; over the years, YKT has been cruising over its pathway to success. Thank God after a lot of struggle and enormous efforts YKT has acquired a very respectable position in the global market. The annual growth rate of YKT is more than 62% and is reaching the sales milestones in frequent successions, which is an emphatic evidence of the buyers' confidence. Such a rapid growth at YKT is the result of team effort, since a highly professional, experienced and devoted team is working for YKT round the clock and no doubt its valuable customers are equally contributing to the success of YKT.

    •Training; is the action of teaching a person a particular skill or type of behavior. YKT has faith in its workforce and their abilities. Hence, YKT invests heavily in improving the professional profile of its workers to remain better than the competitors in the market. A trained worker is an invaluable asset of the organization as lesser mistakes would be made, lower rate of rejection and better quality of output might be acquired. A developed employee deals with the customer to the level of complete satisfaction.

    •Human Resource Management (HRM); is the management of human resources. It is designed to maximize employee performance in service of an employer's strategic objectives. HR is primarily concerned with the management of people within organizations, focusing on policies and on systems. YKT has its dedicated HR department which is committed to fill in the gap between the market demand and HR skills and talent through continuous follow-up and appraisal. HRD (Human Resource Development) is a salient feature of YKT, which continuously alleviates the productivity levels and sophistication of skillfulness of employees.

    •Succession Planning (SP): The idea is to earn the heritage, at YKT; at least one or more apprentices are shadowing the experts. The skills are gradually transferred to the shadowing individuals, which is followed by regular developing training series that results in more experts being developed at the workplace.
    The specialists take up more challenging jobs and keep moving forward lifting YKT to its targeted heights.

    •Continuing Professional Development (CPD): A hallmark of YKT; here the employees are not treated as economic agents but as the HUMAN CAPITAL. YKT targets to lead the market through it matchless quality, excellent efficiency at the highest level of Customer Satisfaction. To achieve all this YKT has been and would continue to improve the acumen-ship standard and skillfulness of it INVALUABLE HR. As a trained and well equipped worker is more competent and would help YKT to grow in the global market by leaps and bounds.

(Future of YKT)

The Journey To Success YKT, as meant by its name, it’s an insight into accuracy, excellence and perfection. YKT started its international business in early 1970’s; however the founders of this business entered the field of medical instruments as the manufacturers of the surgical instruments in 1960.

Currently YKT is being run and controlled by its 4th generation. Since 1970, YKT has been mounting various milestones in the international market as YKT Traders has accomplished a very respectable position amongst the exporters and manufacturers of surgical, dental, orthopedic, orthodontic and manicure instruments. YKT acquires a very high pedestal in the field of Single Use Instruments.

YKT believes in diversification and has been developing and producing instruments with better and finer quality in order to reach the optimum level of customers’ satisfaction. YKT’s faith in improvement makes its every individual eager and committed to a continuously better quality every time all time.

YKT is known in the industry for its unique and conspicuous strength, lying in its expertise and high level of professionalism. At YKT, we have promised to manufacture instruments of supreme standards using our strenuous abilities and the state of the art manufacturing facility.

YKT has been producing and exporting the distinguished quality instruments to our valued customers across the globe, since the very beginning of our international business. At YKT the production of every single instrument is carried out under highly controlled and technically sound environment and very sophisticated computerized machinery. All the operations; at YKT are supervised by our qualified and well trained engineers and technicians. YKT has a superbly hi-tech research and development lab, where every single instrument is examined and assessed under universally accepted and adopted testing and inspection criterion at every stage of production.

At YKT, we use the top quality stainless steels as per the customers’ specification in order to ensure the maximum level of compliance to the customers’ expectations.

Since customers’ satisfaction is the life blood at YKT, hence-fore we have managed ourselves to qualify and maintain for ISO 9001:2008, ISO 13485, FDA’s GMP and CE directives. Afore mentioned certifications help to assure that we have best management information system, unique production facility and enormous working conditions at YKT.

YKT feels it a matter of honor and pride to serve its distinctive customers across the globe round the clock on the quality of top class instruments, yet at the most economical prices and on time, every time delivery; which again makes up the motto of our business attitude i.e. the customers’ satisfaction.

YKT; professionally correct

(YKT; Yaqub with Khalid and Tariq)

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