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YKT Taking The Responsibility To Flourish The Surgical World Through Quality.

Leadership Inculcates Confidence To Stand Alone, It Is Lifting A Person's Vision Beyond Horizons,
The Raising Of Performance To Excellence.


  • In early 1940’s Nawab Khan started working in a Stainless Steel Mill, in the famous city of Lahore as an apprentice machinist. Nawab had a passion to grow and create, Soon his elder son grew to the age to help him in making his earnings. Nawab’s son used to work with him in the day times and used to study in the evening as he had an urge to know the things that he knew not.
    The dial of time did not stop and Nawab Khan with his family, shifted to the city of Iqbal in year 1956 with a hope of better earnings.
    Here his son, Yaqub, grew enough to take the responsibility of running the family almost single handedly. Yaqub started working in the local surgical industry and with the passing time, the experience, and the challenges; the nature crafted him to a master of his field and he became famous in very early age as a perfect machinist and technician. Here in 1971, his elder son joined his hands to add to his energies. The increased demand of his skill in the local industry gave him the courage and confidence that he decided to set up his own business. As the luck favors the braves, the same thing happened and a small business established at a small building at Habib Pura proved to be a great success. At this stage in 1980, Tariq, the younger brother of Khalid, entered the business to strengthen Yaqub’s muscles, in the accomplishment of his mission as sole producer of the surgical instruments.
    In 1980, YKT was formally founded and started it’s an ever living journey of achievements. Later Khalid contributed to add to the competencies of his elders. He served the business as he was equipped with education that proved to be a joint leap for YKT as Khalid made the first ever international trip for YKT. On his journey he was successful in winning a number of customers and brands. During the period Tariq shadowed Yaqub and acquired the necessary talent and skills of the field. This happened to be a prelude to an everlasting success for YKT. Later Khalid moved to US and is holding the various business related matter from there.
    Tariq being passionate and obsessed with the business kept adding newer ideas, skills and energy. With all this YKT made possible mounting more heights, more milestones. As YKT stepped into a modern era of technology in 1995 offering a reliable platform for the upcoming generation.
    In 2005, to meet the pace of the market dynamism, Hammad Afzal joined the business as the technical brain of YKT. Hammad; a combination of technology, accounting and marketing became the idea man of YKT. He gave birth to in-house R & D that proved to be a lantern to light-up the dark areas of the market which never were explored by then. Hammad helped Tariq to accelerate the growth of YKT by multiple times by widening the product and business portfolio.
    The modern generation is entering the business, with all the expectations of magnanimous success, expansion, development and growth of YKT, since Arslan, son of Tariq, is loaded with all the necessary skills and preliminary knowledge to compete the challenges of the new world. Arslan is being trained in the business environment as the silent soldier. He is living and learning the business environment since 2008.
    Since, YKT Traders has been serving the surgical industry round the globe for more than the last four and half decades with the HIGH QUALITY INSTRUMENTS yet at the most competitive prices.
    Now it’s the responsibility of this generation to hold our continuing prime commitment as to produce quality according to the customer's satisfaction since the price is always rated secondary as YKT never believes in compromising the Customers' Expectations even at the lowest margin of profit.

    Quality Control(QC);

    A system of maintaining standards in manufactured products by testing a sample of the output against the specification might be a customer provided sample or drawing or any particular feature etc to be incorporated in the output. At YKT QC is opted as the set of procedures intended to ensure that a manufactured product adheres to a defined set of quality criteria or meets the requirements of valued customer. Quality control helps YKT to ensure that product quality is maintained or improved and manufacturing errors are reduced or eliminated. QC, emphasizes to review the quality of all factors involved in production. ISO 9000 defines quality control as "A part of quality management focused on fulfilling quality requirements" This approach places a pinned focus on the below given aspects: 1. Elements such as controls, job management, defined and well managed processes, performance and integrity criteria, and identification of records 2. Competence, such as knowledge, skills, experience, and qualifications 3. Soft elements, such as personnel, integrity, confidence, organizational culture, motivation, team spirit, and quality relationships. At YKT, Quality Circle works to accomplish all the aforementioned criterion to materialize the customer satisfaction to excellence.

    When needed, we leverage our long-standing relationships with outside vendors to accommodate the following services:

    Heat Treating



    Chrome Coating

    Tin Coatings

    Non-destructive Testing (Dye Penetrant and X-ray)


    We simply get the job done. Below you’ll find a detailed list of the machinery in our facility.

    CNC Milling

    (2) Haas Mini Mill 4-Axis

    (2) Haas VF2 4-Axis Milling Center

    (2) Haas VM2 5-Axis Milling Center

    CNC Swiss Turning

    Tsugami 20MM 6-Axis Swiss Lathe

    Tsugami 26MM 6-Axis Swiss Lathe

    Tsugami 32MM 6-Axis Swiss Lathe

    CNC Turning

    Haas SL10 Turning Center

    Haas ST 20 Turning Center

    CNC Wire EDM

    (2) Sodick AQ325 Auto Threading

    Metal Finishing Equipment

    Double End Polishing Lathe

    Trinco Media Blasting Cabinet

    Walther Trowal Centrifuge Disc Finishing

    Manual Machining

    Bridgeport Vertical Milling Machine

    Haas Tool Room Lathe with Full CNC control


    Keyence Vision System IM-6600 Controller

    16” S-T Optical Comparator

    Calibration Control, Gage Calibration Tracking Software

    Miscellaneous Equipment

    Crest Ultrasonic Cleaner

    Crest Ultrasonic Citric Passivation

    2014 Trumpf Laser Work Station

  • YKT Taking The Responsibility To Flourish The Surgical World Through Quality.

    Leadership Inculcates Confidence To Stand Alone, It Is Lifting A Person's Vision Beyond Horizons, The Raising Of Performance To Excellence. AND THE BUILDING OF SOME THING THAT WAS NOT POSSIBLE BEFORE.

    Our contract manufacturing system has been reviewed and approved by a range of experts within the orthopedic industry. This has granted us a preferred level of supplier status with many highly respected companies – a status we worked hard to achieve, and one we take pride in maintaining.

    Currently, we are ISO-9001:2008 registered, and ISO 13485 registered. This evolution will continue to enhance the level of service afforded to our customers.

  • Creating a brand is more than just coming up with a word and logo. It's about creating an identity, emotional connection and a sticking point so people remember you over the next person.

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    YKT Traders

About YKT Traders

Established in 1987 as manufacturer and exporters of Surgical, Dental, Veterinary, Manicure and pedicure Instruments as well as all kind of scissors.

Our last six decades experience in the respective filed enables us to produce the best quality products and meet the satisfaction of our valuable clients to manufacturer the best quality products. We have highly skilled experts and equipment’s equipped with latest technology. Our Quality assurance department examines each item at every stage. We believe in quality and always strictly follow the international quality standard Certification of ISO-9001, 13485, GMP (FDA) & CE-MARK (REPRESENTED BY MOODI INTERNATIONAL, UK.) ensures the quality of our products.

Our research and department always strives to develop new technologies to improve quality. Worthy clients are informed that those instruments which are not listed in our website can be obtained from us a mater samples, specification or reference from any foreign catalogues as per the customers specification. We has a vide number of clients around the World especially in the USA, UK, Germany and Scandinavian countries as well as Malaysia and Korea

For Global customers satisfaction. We have achieved the Trademark Standard such as ISO 9001-2002 FDA GMP, and are fulfilling all the requirements of MDD 93/42/EEC to mark CE on the products. We are now striving for TQM and marching towards the goal of Bench Marking. On the above grounds we are much willing to serve your esteemed and prestigious organization, and hope you will surely provide us with this nice opportunity very soon.

YKT Traders Certifications